General Rules
1.1 Follow ARK's code of conduct
1.2 English only in global
1.3 Advertising any other community
1.4 Any form of obscene, racist, homophobic, hateful language
1.5 Default player names, 123, anything that can't be read with the english alphabet
1.6 Dino stacking
1.7 Different tribemates on any map or tribename
1.8 Account sharing
1.9 Report duped loot

Pvp Rules
2.1 Teaming or third partying (rule exempt for bosses)
2.2 Coordinated attacks on 1 tribe by 2 or more parties
2.3 Third party is only allowed in open world and all tribes must engage with each other
2.4 PvP macros or scripts

Building Rules
3.1 Snapping towers together
3.2 Mass stacking or spam of vaults
3.3 Snapping more than 250 foundations anywhere except inside caves
3.4 Blocking of player spawn points
3.5 Placing structures on top of yourself or another human character
3.6 Unintended building mechanics like illegal racer, building into enemy foundation claim range
3.7 Building in any location that requires unconsciousness, grappling, beds or anything similar
3.8 Floating structures on platform dinos, or angled / inverted snap points
3.9 Full protection of platform dinos with structures

Raiding Rules
4.1 To counter a FOB you must place down your own of similar effort & then proceed to make a legit attempt at raiding the defending party
4.2 Forcefield abuse
4.3 Tunneling to avoid turrets
4.4 Meshing structures
4.5 Mesh biting
4.6 Caging is only allowed while you are actively fobbing, leaving render of your fob for more than 30 minutes and the victim will be freed
4.7 Anything related to popcorning while being raided is a 30 day ban, this includes but is not limited to, dropping item caches, rapidly throwing out bags, anything that can be considered insiding

Banned Locations
Do not block access to any entrances for these areas with structures or turrets. Turrets may not shoot in these areas
- Bee Cave on Crystal Isles
-Wyvern Scars
- UW Blueprint Cave on Crystal Isles

Under no circumstances are these locations allowed to have turrets

- Spawn points
-Teleporter zones in Genesis 1